#00275: Limitations – 3

If you’re looking for “positivity”, then go to YouTube. This is real life – unfiltered, uncensored and simply fucked. This post is not inspiring or positive in any way. It’s not intended to carry an uplifting message or positive spin to a real life situation. So, the fracture in me left thigh is worsened by an accidental discovery: chronic avascular necrosis. Basically, it turns out my hip joint never received enough blood supply, but it was quiet. The fracture was the reason []

#00273: Limitations

I saw it on the screen as soon as I got out of the MRI room. I walked towards that big screen and asked the doctor for its interpretation. His response was a pure doctor’s reply. “I will finilize the report and send it to the orthopedic surgeon” he said, avoiding eye contact. That’s medical lingo for one of two things: the first is lack of answer. Doctors are human after all. They need time to process things and think it through. []

#00269: MSc fail

Wednesday, September 26th, 2018. The emails I’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. The first email was the result of my dissertation: []