#00266: Being misunderstood

Sorry about my recent post. No excuse to lash out like I did. Let me tell you a story that happened a few months ago. For my Clinical forensic medicine course, I had to give a presentation about any topic related to the subject. Naturally, I wrote about something controversial and sensitive. The topic I chose was: Physical abuse against women. I wrote the report from the point of public health and policy, discussing the main issues and challenges. When it was time []

#00265: Fuck off

You love to tell people how to live. How about you shut up and simply listen without offering your advice? Please tell me, sir, what the fuck is pain? Go ahead and quote some asshole you heard about or read about. Indulge me with the story of some fucker who did so and so. Please tell me what fucking Socrates thinks or what Seneca said. Can you shut the fuck up and allow me to try and describe what I’m feeling without []

#00264: Silence is (not always) power – 4

Skip this depressing post as there’s nothing uplifting or positive about it. Silence isn’t glamorous. It’s not easy. Not fucking easy at all. I have to endure constant belittling, mocking and yelling. I don’t respond when I’m laughed at. I don’t complain when I’m scared. I’m fucking scared. I don’t respond when I’m being falsely accused or ridiculed. I don’t tell anyone how scared I am of the known unknown – pass or fail school. I don’t talk about how my financial []

#00263: Here’s what my wife thinks

I texted my wife asking her to answer 3 questions: My strengths My weaknesses What makes me unique I asked these questions because it seems to me people have a tendency to label me according to their interpretations of what they believe they see. Philosophy and bullshit aside, this was her response verbatim. Strengths was responsible caring neat very good listener very good speaker Confident (Usually) Sharp Loyal Good-looking (this made me laugh because it’s just so wrong yet sweet) Punctual You []

#00262: Silence is Power – 3

Not always. Silence, for a beginner such as myself, can be the breeding ground for more anger, resentment, and fear. I want to shout. I want to break something. I want to be noticed by anyone. I want you to feel sorry for me. Silence is beautiful sometimes. It’s a self-imposed prison sentence. Silence + action = progress Silence + waiting for something to happen = recipe for disaster. Everything at the moment seems to be dependent on my results. Fucking results. []