#00001: One Step at a time

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” Ernest Hemingway

July 26 2015

I tried blogging before. I tried blogging multiple times under different usernames. Every attempt ends the same: I quit.
I start a new website under a new username using a new email.
I google “how to blog?” and try to learn the basics of utilizing social media.
I publish my first post. And then another. And another.
I sign up for a new Twitter account. “Maybe I should create a Facebook page?”  “What else should I connect my website with?” “Shit. I’m not using any photos.” “I don’t have a lot of followers. Meh.”

And then I quit. I delete everything I wrote. I delete all my accounts. I go back to my dull life where my only responsibility is passing the next exam to get to the next level.
As much as I tried to appreciate being a Medical student, I simply couldn’t.

It’s easier to quit a blog and delete my fake identities from the internet. It was near impossible to quit Medical school and be left facing a storm of uncertainty.

When I turned 26 last week, it was the first birthday in 20 years where I was not enlisted in any academic institution. I was a Medical school dropout with no specific interests in anything in general, no talents, no experience in life but how to pass exams and make my parents happy, and no goals to aim for.

While indulging in my daily dose of caffeine in my usual cafe, I was contemplating the quote**Life is a journey, not a destination.” and I suddenly had an epiphany.

And life begins now.

**This quote can be attributed to a variety of people in history, but to keep things moving, let’s agree it was a human. You can argue among yourselves. Or go to YouTube.


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