#00010: UTI

                             July 30 2015
Under the Influence (UTI) is my way of reminding myself when I read this post later that I was UTI.
This is a way for me to state that I might  understand a few things due to lack of context, incoherence, or simple drug-induced loss of memory.

I woke up at 12pm today. Thank you drugs.
I worked out. The best workout in years!
I worked out like my life dependent on it.
I listened to motivational music and speeches.

I had an idea for the blog. And then a another

Then I called him. I went to him.

5x Zanax  3mg. 6x Lyrica 150mg. 2x {hidden}.
And few other sources.

And now I’m here.

Rock Bottom. Baam!!

But everything feels slow and peaceful. Rock bottom doesn’t feel bad at all. There is no bad. There is no good. There Is only perspective.

I might binge again.
I hope there’s a shop opened at this time.

I promise this is my last binge.


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