#00015: Update from Wastemind

I didn’t binge for 24hours now. I controlled my food urge.
I suppressed my guilt for having an urge for drugs. Hushed it.

I don’t care when I sleep. I don’t care about my weight. I don’t care what happens in my near future.

Everything I learned about the world was a fucking lie.
Even the simplest things about lying were a lie.

Because I don’t care when I wake up, it seems it doesn’t matter when I wake up.

Why should I return any missed calls? Why should I tell you about my future plans?
Why should I explain why I bought this black car instead of that white car?

I do it because I want to do. I’m hanging out with these folks because it’s good business.
They provide me with a service I need to want, and I offer them a service I make them want to need.


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