#00019: Perfectionitis.

-itis: suffix used in medical terminology to denote a pathological condition marked by inflammation.

Perfectionitis is of course not a real condition. The closest medical condition is OCD, but that’s another story.

I suffer from perfectionitis, though. I’ve had it for as long as I can remember.
Nothing is ever enough. There’s always more I could’ve done.
I got an A+ but unfortunately I can speak only 2 languages. I’m not the best.
I lost weight on my own in 3 months but I didn’t get ripped. I’m not the best.
I trained in MMA for a few years but I never played in any tournaments. I’m not the best.

I got into medical school, but it wasn’t the best medical school.
Even if it was the best, I wasn’t the best student in class.
Even if I was the best student, I won’t be the best doctor on Earth.
Even if I was the best doctor on Earth, I still can’t converse in more than 2 languages.
Even if I spoke many languages, I still won’t have a Nobel Prize.
Even if I received the Nobel Prize, I’ll most likely receive it just once.
Even if I had multiple Nobel Prizes, I still won’t be a perfect father.

Even if I became the most athletic, best doctor on Earth who spoke various languages in multiple dialects, with multiple Nobel Prizes under my name, and father-of-the-century award, I will still be imperfect.

Maybe I can be as perfectly-imperfect as possible?

No one ever taught me it was all about being good enough.


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  1. This is a struggle for many people, myself included. It can be crippling. One thing that has helped me is discovering who I am through God’s eyes and realizing I am perfectly made in His image. Until Heaven though, I will continue to be an imperfect being, just as everyone else here on earth is. All we can do is our best.
    I enjoyed your thoughts.

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