#00039: Social-Network Binge

November 21 2015

This is an update from my previous post.

-LiveJournal is deleted.
-Facebook is deleted.
-StumbleUpon is deleted.
-Pinterest is deleted.
-Foursquare is deleted.
-Ask.fm is deleted.
-Goodreads is deleted.
-Instagram is deleted.

I’m not sure why I kept the rest.
I don’t use anything anymore. I never actually used any of the above services.

Moving on.


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  1. i read your interview with Cristian mihai, it was wow. i just wanted to add my own reason why i write, like you said, 1 person somewhere might need what you wrote about and in that way you’ve helped him, but in order to want to help others, many have to see and the few out of the many would have gained from your posts. all am saying is that trying to generate traffic on your blog could be for different reason and my own reason is to give to as many people that one to receive. your name ( 10000 posts) are goals for me, thank you

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    • I’m humbled and honored to read such words. You’re absolutely right. Generating traffic has various reasons and it could be very effective in achieving your goals.
      Thank you for the support! 🙂


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