#00041: Mood vibrations – 1

November 25 2015

I bought my first guitar in December 2012. I’d never touched a guitar before the day I got my acoustic 6-strings.
My goal was simple: do something I never thought I’d be doing in my life of detailed future planning. No deadlines. No expectations. Starting from point Zero.
And that’s it.
I’m not doing  it for my father. I’m not doing it for my sponsors. I’m not doing it for anything; I simply chose to do. Period.
I bought a guitar, tuner, picks and a gig bag.
I didn’t know what chords were or what’s meant by tuning the guitar. I knew of something called the musical ladder (scale), but I had zero clues as to what it means.

The guy at the shop said I needed to tune it. I nodded and left the shop. When I got back to my apartment, I googled “how to tune a guitar”. The results showed those curvy music symbols (notes) and some letters. The tuner I had was electronic and thank God it was easy to use.
I had only one problem, though: how do I hold the guitar?

I’ve always loved music and was never interested in the lyrics. One of the skeletons in my childhood closet was my love for the “beat” of a song; sound, rhythm, tempo, bass, drums, …etc. That’s why I never had a favorite singer or a favorite song. I didn’t care for the lyrics of the song I kept repeating or who the singer was as long as it sounded good as a whole.

I never picked up any musical instrument before the guitar because I never knew I could. They didn’t teach me anything related to music at school and, hence, it was automatically a useless addition to my life. The school shall haveth what the school asketh, for it only matter what thy school wanteth. Plus, I never believed it was possible for me to learn anything on my own.

I’m still a novice, mind you, and that’s exactly the point. As silly as it might sound, buying my first acoustic guitar was an attempt at bursting through the bubble of thoughts clouding my life. Guitar was supposed to be my first hobby that did not involve anyone else’s permission but myself.



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