#00043: I am not you

**Written on September 7 2012. Unmodified. Raw.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The Secret. Awaken the Giant Within. How to Win Friends & Influence People.

All these books have one main theme in common: they want to change you. (You can argue that they’ve changed the lives of millions. Well, so did movies and car accidents and tragedies. Does that mean we should wait for a disaster to become something and embrace ourselves?)

According to them, success and happiness are structural entities. In order for you to enjoy life and be happy, you need to follow a template. Simply put, you need to change and follow some steps. Become a copy of an already fake copy.

But, what if you were different. Is that wrong? What if you read those books and still nothing has happened, does that mean there’s something wrong with you?

Just because they said anything, does that mean we have to copy it?
Is it wrong to be different?

All I’m asking is this: is it wrong to be ourselves?


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