#00045: Fake lies

**Written on August 30 2012. Unmodified. Raw.

“Pretty much all the honest truth telling in the world is done by children.” Oliver Wendell

First, it’s “never lie”. Then it’s a “white lie”. Then a small lie. Then you had to say this because he or she wouldn’t understand.

I lie. You lie. Everyone lies. We lie about lying. We don’t like others lying to us but we do it all the time. When you accidently bump into someone on the street and say you’re sorry, you’re lying. When you eat a salad for lunch, you’re lying. When you comment on someone’s blog or Like someone’s post on Facebook, you’re lying. When you respond with “I missed you too”, you’re lying. When you meet someone and say “I’m fine, thank you. What about you?”, you’re lying. If you said you don’t lie about these things, you’re lying.

You’re not sorry when you accidently bumped into that woman. She’s the one that suddenly decided to stop and check those shoes that were on sale. She’s the one that didn’t give any consideration to all those people walking behind her. She should be sorry, not you.
You don’t like that tomato filled salad with sour dressing. You prefer having pasta or pizza or maybe even a cheesecake. But you can’t. You want to lose weight so that your friends could say how slim and beautiful you are. You have that salad because Dr.Someone said it’s healthy and would prolong your cake-less and fat- less life.
You didn’t really read or like that post. But your friend wrote it, and friends always support each other. You think it’s boring but you retweeted it anyways. It was only a quote, “You only live once, so be happy with your life.” You know that you only live once, Einstein! But you had to be fascinated with this new piece of information. Your friend has a lot of smart things to say.
You’re not fine. You’re bored and sick and feel awful. But you don’t say that. No one ever does when they’re asked “How are you?”. The default answer has to be positive. You can’t be honest about you really are, otherwise no one would ever talk to you.
You lie when you say you’ll keep in touch and send emails and meet soon. But that’s the accepted norm. You can’t say you didn’t miss someone even if it was the truth. You can’t say you forgot all about them. You can’t be honest about what you really feel because it’s not conventional.

The only truth tellers out there are those who haven’t grown enough to realize its burden.


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