#00048: Education on Paper

*Written on May 14 2013. Unedited

Macbeth. Hamlet. Romeo and Juliet. And now you’re thinking “Shakespeare”.

Relativity. Messy hair. Genius; in fact he has his own kind of genius. Einstein.

The earth is NOT flat. Gelelio.

He was killed for asking too many questions. Socrates

He quit Medicine because he found lectures to be dull, and went to write one of the most important books in history. Darwin.

The king of pop. The moon walk. MJ.

Care to guess what they all have in common? They’re all failures.

Darwin’s ideas were seen as “absurd”. Einstein was stupid. Gelilio was crazy. MJ was a weirdo. And Shakespeare’s English was awful.

What does school really teach? One thing is for sure; the higher your grades, the better your future will be. The more you memorise & remember, the greater your opportunity in having a great life.

School. Junior high. High school. College. And then BAM! Life hits you in the face with the sudden cold rush of reality. Tell me this, sir, did school teach you to think for yourself? Did school tell you to question its’ teachings? To questions the world, your society, and most importantly, yourself?

We are taught to be templates. A copy of an already depressed copy. Fill up your CV so that we know who you are. You are nothing but a few pieces of papers. Your degree is nothing but a statement that simply implies you have payed your tuition fees for the past X years.

You study because mommy and daddy told you it’s important. You study because you actually believe that piece of paper we call a degree defines who you are.

If you’re truly convinced that education is the same as having a degree,

then go ahead dear and worry about your exams. Worry about getting an A or B since you obviously believe that you are defined by letters.

For the free minds I say: go on. Think. Question. Write. Paint. Play your music. And then, don’t stop questioning.
Never stop learning.


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