#00058: January 7 2016

*This is my first private journal entry to be posted directly online.

Thursday – January 7 2016
12:46 – Work
Mood: Slightly unsteady, fluctuating, and slowly drifting towards gloomy.

I want to have a wishlist .. a sort of list where I can write down things I wish I could afford.
I want to collect currency again. It doesn’t matter whether or not I once collected them and then gave up on the habit because no one told me it’s ok to have a hobby without a specific goal other than personal interest and passion; what matters is I enjoyed it for the sake of nothing specific and everything about it.
I want to but an iMac or some other desktop computer.
I want to save money ..
I want to organize my life. (To organize means I’ll have the illusion of control, even if minimally).

I want my wants to be organized and aesthetically pleasing.


Categories: The Journal

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