#00060: A fresh start. Again.

Tomorrow is February 1st.
Tomorrow is when today and yesterday will be left behind forever.
Tomorrow is the day I open the first blank page of my new notebook and start writing.

A new page. A fresh start.

Tomorrow I start my workout program.
Tomorrow I organize my life.
Tomorrow is my new fresh start. Again.

This is post number 60.
I never believed I could make it this far.

I started this blog when I was at my lowest point in life.
This blog was created when I was facing my biggest fears in life.
Rejection. Death. Grieve. Instability. Insecurity. Uncertainty. Hopelessness. Faithlessness.
I hit rock bottom so hard, I ended up shattering the ground and falling into a deeper space.

Tomorrow I love my wife.
Tomorrow I reconcile with myself.
Tomorrow I build my life.

Tomorrow is my fresh start. Again.



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