#00061: Love

This unedited, raw post is dedicated to “Huda”.

You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. -Dr. Seuss

Love is a 4-lettered word that is used to describe things/subjects we adore and like.
But what does love actually mean?

To keep this post short, I will talk about my wife.

I love her for her mistakes, for her weaknesses, her look, her fears, and my love for her is simply being with her.

I love my wife means I put 110% of trust in her.
I love her means I want to be with here forever, regardless of continents separating us.

I love my wife because she’s the first person my heart fell for. She’s my first, my last, my everything.


For illustrative purposes only. Taken from Photopin.com


I saw her in 2010. I never knew that the red-headed lady will eventually become my wife.
Enthusiastic, smart, honest, strong, independent, fearless (even though she thinks she’s fearful).

I love her because every I song is about me and her. I want to dance with her, play with her, gently stroke her body and have her all to my self.

I love her because she saw all my weakness – one’s I’ve been trying to hide for years – and still accepted me with all my flaws.

I love her because her voice makes me happy. I love hearing her happy voice.

I love hearing her voice when she wakes up. I love sitting next to her, close to her, while we watch a stupid movie together,

I love when we both laugh at traditional drama shows.

I love my alone time and she understands my need for solitary contemplation time, which is something I love about her.

She loves me. I love her. I want to love her forever, I handed over my weaknesses to her; I was a liar, but with her, it is only the truth I want to share.

She knows my weaknesses. She admires my strengths. Most importantly, she’s still here with me.

Love is a life; a new life one shares with a person they truly admire.
Love is sacrifice. One must give up their old life to accommodate their new lifestyle.

The sacrifice is worth it. The love is worth it all.

On January 9th 2012, after our anatomy exam, I was in the locker room when I saw her. She was – still is and will always ne – beautiful. I wanted to get closer to her so I struck up a random conversation in the hope of getting her to talk to me. It worked. We began talking about school, life and everything in between. I saw her before that day multiple times but I never truly saw the real her.

A couple of months later she was part of my group for some lousy project. That’s when I knew I want that girl.

Fast forward the proposal, the multiple breakups, the heart breaks, the fights, and eventually she became my one and only wife.

I love my wife. I don’t say it often, but I truly love my wife. I cannot imagine my fture without her by my side and in my life. I love her whining and complaining. I love her smile and laugh.

I love her for being my other half.

Dear wife,

If you’re reading this, please note that my love for you is – and always will be –much greater than you can imagine.

Love isn’t a 4-letterd word.

Love is life.
My wife is my one and only love.
My wife is my life.


For illustrative purposes only. Taken from Photopin.com




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