#00062: Elizabeth

Lizzy is only 1 year old. She’s dead. She died 2 days ago. She went to sleep and never woke up again.
Her mother fed her, bathed her and put her to bed, just like any other day.
The next day both parents woke up to find Lizzy dead.
I don’t have an explanation for the parents other than the vaguely termed “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome” aka SIDS, or “cot death”.
I just stood there, pretending to be professional and strong, listening to the parents as they recalled what happened in the past few days.
I said a few things about this and that. I don’t remember what I said.
I masked my true feelings of sorrow and put on the facade of Dr. Professional.
“She’s now with God,” the parents repeated. ” God gave her to us for 1 year and now he took her back.”
Lizzy is now an Angel in Heaven.

Categories: The Journal

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