#00091: Forgiveness

Wipe those tears. Don’t cry. It’s not worth it. Trust me.

She’ll forgive you soon. (and she’s right; you are paranoid! That was a very good experience)
You’ll forget about them soon. (as mush as you wanted to belong somewhere along with someone, they’ll move on, and so will you)
Life will go on whether you want it or not.

Smile, baby. Smile. Nothing is worth it.

Dear Past Self, you’ve been wrong about everything that will happen in the future.
But I forgive you.
I forgive your short-sightedness.
I forgive your irrational decisions.
I forgive your compulsive behavior.
I forgive your fears, your thoughts, your anticipations, your objectives.
I forgive your narrow-mindedness.
I forgive your immature dreams.
I forgive everything.

Just smile .. and those addictions you’ll be having soon, it’s OK. You’re stronger than you give yourself credit for.
You’ll spend more than 10 years lost and torn between everything in specific and nothing exactly. It’s OK.
You might be embarrassed when you remember your past during your 30th birthday, but it’s OK. That’s life, man. You’ll move one eventually.

You’ve been blessed with the best mother in the Universe, the most beautiful wife, most amazing sisters .. You’re blessed, man. Don’t let your mind dictate how you live.

It’s OK. Everything will be OK.
Forgive yourself.
I forgive you.
I forgive everything, whether I believe that or not. I forgive you.



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