Does your body control your mind? Or does your mind control your body?

Do you feel because you think? Or do you think because you feel?

Do you think before you do? Or do you do before you think?

Why can’t you just walk?
Why can’t you just eat?
Why can’t you just talk?

Do you write your thoughts and observations? Or do you observe your thoughts before you write?

Do you regret the future that happened because of the past you wish you had? Or do you regret the past because of the future that never was?

Are you too afraid to ask? Or are you asking if you were too afraid?
Are you asking because you want to know?
Are you asking if you’re too afraid to know?
“Afraid of what?”, you might then ask.
Afraid of what, you already know.
You know I’m too afraid to know,
Yet you ask, yet you know.


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