#00111: Life

How much of history is true?
What certainties or assumptions do I have? And why do I have them?
Where is life going? Do you see what I see? Actually, am I seeing what you’re seeing?

I wish life was as simple as the basic operations of arithmetic – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
With basic arithmetic, it’s always the same result wherever you go.
Basic arithmetic doesn’t differentiate different cultures or ethnicities or religions.
Basic arithmetic is beautifully simpleits’ simplicity is beautiful because beauty lies within the simple.

But life isn’t basic arithmetic.
Life is interpretations based on interpretations – a copy of an already disheveled copy.
Life is an opinion based on the interpretation of facts, which in turn are based on the interpretation of opinions. And so on.

Which opinion is the right answer?
Is there a right answer? Or is it a set of infinite right answers?
What is meant by “right“? According to whom? And why? How come?

If I was the result of years of random survival traits – a beautiful coincidence – then why should I follow rules set by my fellow Homo sapiens?
“Wise Man”, is it? I’m yet to meet aΒ species that has the ability to name itself.



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  1. We see the world as we are I believe so having some control over the thoughts we think will have a tremendous impact on how we view the world around us…read it in some book somewhere but it seems to ring true. Great post and lovely writing. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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