#00112: Comments

Pick a topic. Any topic. Now talk about that topic. Say whatever you want.
Cats are better than dogs as pets. 
Ferraris are better than Lambos.
Share your views with the rest of the world.

Now sit back and wait for the comments.

Let’s take the Ferraris vs Lambos example. The range of replies is infinite.
One will agree. One will disagree. Another will bring up another car that wasn’t in your question. Someone else will mention how driving is destroying the environment. Another will let you know how stupid you are for paying that amount of money for a car.

It doesn’t end there.
Excluding trolling (if we assumed trolling has a definite criterium), to what degree of accuracy can we pinpoint the meaning, emotion and intent of both the comment and the commenter?

Perhaps the Display Picture (DP) of the commenters plays a role. Let’s assume everyone has the exact same DP.
Now the Username might be important. Let’s assume everyone have no username, but a number.
The only thing we can almost be 200% certain about is that each number is associated with a unique human individual.

Number 1 agrees. Ferraris are better than Lambos.
Number 2 disagrees with number 1.
Number 1 asks number 2 to fuck off.
Number 3 LOLs at number 1 for taking it too seriously.
Number 4 agrees with number 2 (i.e. disagrees with number 1) but states that she won’t mind either if she receives it for free.
Number 5 comments on how stupid the world is for wasting so much money on environment-damaging modes of transfer.
Number 6 replies to number 5 with statistics from Wikipedia comparing the CO2 emissions of both cars and proves that planes cause a much more significant damage.
Number 5 retaliates by stating that she never mentioned planes and was merely pointing out how ridiculous this post was.
Number 7 says “you’re mom is ridiculous”.
Number 8 wrote “your*”.
And so on.

Click here to play this video, grab some popcorn, and enjoy reading the comments.


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