#00117: Honey Eyes

A strange boy woke me up today.
The first thing I noticed was the alarm clock. I’m late for workShit.
I got up quickly, ran to the bathroom, got dressed, and went to back to the nightstand to pick up my phone.
That’s when I noticed the kid. He looked very familiar. I’m sure I’ve seen him somewhere.

I wasn’t scared. I simply didn’t want to waste time thinking about this little stranger.
I’ll deal with him when I’m back.
Yet something about his eyes seemed familiar. I know those eyes.

Work was dull, bland, i.e. same old shit. As much as I tried, I couldn’t forget about that little kid.
Those eyes.
Those big, honey eyes lined with dark camel eyelashes.
Was he crying? He looked disappointed about something. Was he staring at me? 

I was eager to finish work ASAP and get back home.
I walked straight to my room, but the boy wasn’t there.
I felt sad. He’s gone.

I dragged myself towards the door again, and that’s when I saw it.
Standing behind the mirror was my 7-year-old self.
He was staring at me; emotionless, unexpressive.

What were his eyes trying to say?


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