“What should I write about?” You wonder. 

You should write what you want to write about. 

This post is about your “cold turkey” attempt. You forgot all about it, right? Because you never really wanted it for you; it was all for the attention it might receive online. 

This post is about instability. You keep running after the voices in your head trying to bring them back inside your head, but you can’t. You don’t know where to live because you don’t know how long you’ll be living there. You smoke again because that pack of cigarettes is always with you wherever you might be. You drink again because you know you can get drunk. 

This post is about dreams. Not the ones they tell you to follow, nor the ones you remember after you wake up. It’s about the dreams you can’t remember, and yet, you can’t forget how it felt. Remember when you woke up angry because of a dream you never really remembered? All you felt was anger. Simple, elegant anger.

This post is about confusion. What the fuck am I ranting about? 

This post is meaningless. You wrote it in bed after not being able to sleep for more than 40 hours. You’re scared to admit that you’re afraid to let your followers down by writing nonsense. 

This post is probably another attempt at getting back up again and keep on moving. 

I’ve been nodding off while writing this post. I have no clue what I wrote above and I’m too sleep-deprived to know what the hell in trying to say. 


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