#00132: I will …

I will go to the gym. I will focus in the gym. I will do yoga again. I will sweat more.

I will unclutter my inbox. I will organize my email. I will sort out my receipts. I will file all those papers. I will organize my life.

I will post more on my blog. I will modify the template. I will update the entire site. Did I mention I will post more?

I will love my wife more. I will appreciate her existence in my life more. I will hug her more. I will kiss her more. I will simply love her more for no reason.

I will focus on myself more. I will start keeping a personal journal again. I will be grateful more. I will write more. I will draw for fun more. I will laugh more. I will definitely smile more. 

I will walk more. I will slow down more. I will eat healthy but still sneak in some KFC. I will love my perfect imperfections. I will forgive myself. I will live in the present. I will enjoy my journey. I will accept where I am. I will forgive myself. 

I will take it slow. I will … 

I don’t know. Is it possible to do without drugs? Is it possible to live high without drugs? 

I will .. I will survive, I guess. 

I will be here, on this blog, for now. 

I will be here, using my phone to write this nonsense, for now. 


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  1. Don’t try to become. Be.

    The image you have inside your mind of who you truly are and what your life should look like, that’s who you really are.

    You just have to decide to be who you already know you should be.

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  2. Whoa that’s quite overwhelming. Hey you got this! Its in there somewhere just keep searching and searching. Someday you will find it. Keep fighting the good fight!

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