#00133: Postpone your Suicide 2 – Don’t read this

This post is intended only for anyone and precisely no one. I dedicate this post to my past-self and most probably a future-self.
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You’re bullied at school. You’re shit.
No. You’re worse than shit. You are shit’s ugly cousin who will remain unnamed because of how worthless it is.
You hate your job.
You’re struggling to make ends meet. Fucking life.
You were abused as a kid. Your dad left the house. Your mom is knocked out somewhere.
You feel lost and confused. Fucking confused.
You’re a failure and you’ll always be a failure.
You tried everything on this Earth and you’ve concluded nothing is worth living for.

You don’t know. Don’t know what? Exactly! You don’t fucking know.
Stop asking me all these questions! Stop asking me to explain why I am what I am!

Are you expecting me to tell you how worthwhile you are? I won’t. Because you’re not. You’re only worth what you think you’re worth.
Are you expecting some sort of step-by-step guide on how to be something? You can find that bullshit in a self-fuck book (aka self-help).

I’m not here to tell you NOT to do it.
I’m not here to tell you that God created you for a reason and only God will ever know the reason and you’re simply a fucking slave here on Earth and your only job is to fucking survive until you die.
You are here to battle death until it wins.
Death will win eventually. You can quote me on that. Death will always win.
Sooner or later, you will die. What is death? Google it.

Why are you reading this?

I’m not trying to be harsh.
When the mind starts raping you with the idea of suicide, it can seem like there is no way out of it.

Is there a way out? Yes.
What is it? I don’t know yet.
So why the fuck did you write this? I don’t know.

Click here to read Part 1


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  1. I read it bec I hav felt the way you felt,home is not a home wn ur parents are not compatible and nobody understands it other than those who hav gone through it.

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