#00144: Stay in the Middle – Part 1

Humility. Humbleness. Steadfastness.
Writing is a wonderful experience.
Stay in the middle.
Do you understand what I’m trying to say?
Cravings are normal.
Believing that cravings are a sign of failure is an extreme.
Acting out on your cravings is also an extreme.
Stay in the middle.
Self-criticism is normal.
Too much of it, however, and you’ll end up losing hope in yourself.
Too little, on the other hand, and you’ll end up losing yourself.
Stay in the middle.
You are an angry person.
For now, it doesn’t matter why you get angry so easily.
Accept that it is what is and keep it under control.
Come back to the present and observe how everything is nothing. 
Assuming you have any talents or strengths, you must utilize them for something beyond yourself.
It doesn’t matter what you’ve been told over the years.
What they see is but a reflection of an idea they have.
Being told you’re smart or intelligent is simply a statement that mustn’t carry any value.
Stay in the middle.
Complaining is useless.
Fear is impractical.
“Do good and throw it in the sea.” Don’t wait for acknowledgments, appreciation, appraisals, approval, acceptance.
Make the most out of the process – the journey.
Perfection does not exist.
Perfection can only be.
Perfection ought to be permanent.
I will never be permanent.
Perfection ought to be independent of anything.
I will always be dependent on something.
It’s not about avoiding mistakes.
It’s not about not repeating the same mistakes.
It’s about constantly learning.
Balance. Moderation.
Stay in the middle .. as much as possible.

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  1. These are great words, and what a lovely thing to read. So many lines relate to certain aspects of my life. You really have a way with words. I really like the bit about not avoiding mistakes, but not repeating them, how it’s about learning. It’s so true! Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves of that.

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