#00146: Wordpress Theme – any suggestions?

Hello, WordPressers!

I need your help with transitioning to a new theme.
I have no preferences.

I’m looking for a theme that suits the current flow of my posts. As you’ve probably noticed, I rarely use photos and I never post videos. My content is mainly scribbles, incomprehensible words, quotes, and more cryptic sentences with words.

What do you think is a WP Theme that would suit my creativity*?
Any advice is appreciated.

*Or lack thereof.

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    • Powerful words. And I agree. That’s the way I wanted to have this blog when I started it last year – my blog, my rules, my space.

      But I guess I’ve been attracted lately to the notion of followers and comments and all that.

      But I genuinely do want to change the theme. I’m just too lazy to pick one, add widgets and etc etc .. I just want to organize it because I like things organized.

      “There’s beauty in organization.” – 10000posts

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