#00147: Skills & Interests 

A few years ago, I opened my journal in another attempt to understand myself – what I want, what I like, what can I do with my life … Etc

I used a “Skills & Interests” approach I read about a few days earlier. Even while I was writing words down, I genuinely didn’t believe what I was writing. I simply told myself to silent my inhibitions for a bit while I write whatever comes to my mind first.

And that was it. It didn’t help. Nothing jumped out of pages and hit me in the face. All I could see were vague descriptions of general things. I couldn’t even fill the Page. I thought I was good with pattern recognition, but I couldn’t find anything.

Can anyone see a pattern?


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    • I like listening to people more. I try to keep my answers as diplomatic as people.
      And, yes, I like to chill.
      However, since this is an old list, I actually enjoy being busy with something I like.
      I repeat: I enjoy being busy with something I like. This blog, for example, keeps me busy sometimes. And I love it 🙂

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    • Nope. I couldn’t see any connections between skills and interests.

      This approach is used (if I remember correctly) to help in mapping a suitable career. Or something like that.
      But it didn’t work for me.
      Or maybe it could work, but I’m too worried to admit it.

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    • I stumbled upon it while I was looking for a new notebook for my journal.
      At first, I didn’t recognize the font. Then I remembered.

      I was trying to find some sort of link (or lack thereof) between my skills and interests.

      I don’t have specific interests.
      I don’t have any skills in anything.

      However, I noticed that there’s a connection and it revolves around helping people.

      I don’t know, my friend. I thought I’d share it and maybe someone can see some sort of connection between the two.


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