#00149: Weekend Getaway with the Wife

Kill the routine. Tear it apart. Demolish it.

 I love my wife but marriage has been fucking me up recently.
Perhaps it was not meant to be documented on official papers.

I come from my a society where most marriages are arranged. (I’m preparing another post on marriage in my society. You’ll be amazed. Spoiler alert: it involves a lot of money. A lot).
I met my beautiful wife in 2012. I loved her for no reason; I just fucking did.
And then I wrote her an embarrassing letter. 20-something pages of why I wanted to marry her.
4 years went by. We broke up 1784 times, but we always went back together.
And now we’re married. Officially married since July 29 2016.
But guess what? Sometimes I imagine myself running away from marriage.
It turns out – in my society – marriage comes with a huge bag of expectations. We need to do this. We must be that. She must meet them. I need to do that. ..etc.

Let me simplify my rant for you.
Are you in a relationship with someone? Do you love them? Then do whatever the fuck YOU folks want to do.
The hell with your parents. Screw your society. Stop reading marriage articles.
You loved your partner for a reason. Find that reason. Hold on to it. And then fuck the entire world.

I need a partner, a naughty lover and a best friend. That’s why I chose my wife.
That’s why we took off this weekend and enjoyed our getaway.


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