#00154: Face it.

​Avoiding struggle is the mistake.

Avoiding failure is the ultimate failure.

Failure is subjective – can we agree on that?
Whether you had a specific goal or mainly searching for a goal, life isn’t only about  going forward.

Face the fears.

Face the demons.

Your car broke down? Good. 

The moment when your mind tells you this is an obstacle is the moment you need to prove yourself.

That moment is the test – what will you do?

Great teachers nurture their students’ gifts and talents by continuously challenging them.

Well, so does life.


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  1. It’s a striking difference between nurturing guidance and the blunt harshness life seems to be so apt to present us. This post makes me wonder if I only notice the difficult challenges life throws at me, writing off events that seem mundane as my norm. Taking a step back and reflecting on a situation can be empowering, I hope it’s adding some fuel to your fire.

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    • Thanks for being here, crazykatya. Indeed, our eyes reflect what we want to believe. Taking a step back is the hardest – yet most important – step to take.
      Can we control our reactions at any given moment? Or are we on autopilot?

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      • I think this is a really interesting question: can we control our reactions or are we on autopilot? I personally feel that when I fall into a familiar routine, it becomes autopilot, and I probably ignore signs that deserve consideration. But I like to believe that when my morals are compromised, or I feel strongly about something, I am able to react as I choose – for better or for worse. Thanks for continuing to challenge me to look at myself.

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      • You see, as humans, we have an urge to “control” and hence we are unable to let a situation “be” and observe it as it is.
        You wrote “react”, but why not “act” or behave?
        I’m sorry if I keep bothering you with questions, but I’m enjoying your input.

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      • I can definitely relate with wanting to be in control of a situation, and it often takes a conscious effort for me to let a situation play out without intervening if it moves beyond my expectations. I think I chose the word “react”, because really, I am not the type to act unless forced. When I am uncomfortable, I react to the feeling. But now that you’ve put it in these terms, it makes me think further. Maybe I perceive it as a reaction because it’s a response, but perhaps it’s more of an act because I am choosing to take action – my choice, not a reflex. And no apologies necessary, I think you pose interesting points, and it is nice to bounce them back and forth.

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      • Your points require deep thinking – very interesting statements. I’m glad I’m not bothering you, and thank you very much for sharing. I will be spamming you blog shortly :p
        Thank you again. 🙂

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