#00160: Post a Day – 3

I promised at least one post per day, so I’m trying to deliver.

Got into a huge fight with assholes in Uni. By assholes I mean staff. I got into a fight because I’m tired of their bullshit. 

Go here. Come there. Do this. Take that. I still don’t know what year I’m in! My acceptance letter says 4, uni decided to change that to 2, skip 3 …..

This place is a shithole. Forget logic. Forget proof. Forget everything you know about life. This place broke me. I’m sick. My throat is so constricted and my nose is blocked I could barely breathe. Bloody sputum, as they say.

Anyways, I’ve been sleeping since 6pm my time. It’s now 1am next day. Technically it’s not the … whatever. 


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  1. I hope you start to feel better. Whenever I am feeling sick, my irritability goes up tenfold and everything makes me upset.

    Perhaps a break for the weekend will help reset things and get back on a better track. I hope you can find the silver lining in something – sometimes the search for that keeps my mind out of the dark.

    I just want to applaud you for continuing to post. When I stick to things, it helps pull me through ruts I encounter. Rooting for you here.

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    • Yep I’m planning on driving to the capital Amman today. (Weekend here starts Thursday and ends Saturday).
      Will also ask the college for an ultimatum: give me the summary and stop playing around with me, or I’m out of here pr*cks!

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