#00162: Post a Day – 5

What’s great about this post-a-day thing is that it forces me to write daily. It forces me to take a few minutes out of day and focus on my blog.

Sure, I might be writing nonsense, but I’m at least writing something. It could be considered a quick journal; a quick log about some event during my current day.

It takes me out of med school, out of the loneliness I’m feeling, out of the fear, and into the cyber sphere where these symbols we call letters might transmit a meaning to whoever is reading them.

Yesterday I said I’ll be counting my cigarettes and shisha intake. Well, I sort of did. As of this moment (21:50) I’ve smoked between 14-16 cigarettes, currently smoking my second shisha of the day (might end up spending a total of 2 hours on shisha).

As for my pill intake, which I didn’t want to share initially, I’ve ingested at least 10 pills (excluding those I’m taking for my current flu). 

I’m currently in Amman (i.e. Jordan’s capital city) to sort out my current bullshit dilemma with school. You see, in the Arab world, one of the reasons people live in 1274 is that they refuse to accept the modern world (or most likely are unable to comperehend). 

There is a process called “Authentication”, where a certain document must be stamped by 17384 different organization before it is considered “authentic”. In my case, it was my college degree from Ireland. It’s been 2 months since I’ve handed in all my papers to college, but they still seem to need more papers. I genuinely can’t understand why is it so difficult to give me a list with a everything they need. Meh. This is another reason why I was ashamed of my background. 

On another unrelated note, I’ve injured the same finger 3 times today. First, it was my usual “bite till it bleeds”. Then, it was a paper cut. And now it’s another paper cut. 

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