#00169: Post a Day – 10

I didn’t binge today.
I felt the urge.
I still feel tempted.
But I won’t do it.

It turns out I’m both my own worst enemy and most loyal friend.
I choose to binge because it’s a comfortable feeling of safety – I know what to expect, it makes watching videos more entertaining, the food tastes amazing, because I have a lot of food I can enjoy the amazing taste more, and I’ll most likely be sleepy by the end of it, hence no insomnia tonight.
No thoughts before bed. No voices in my head.

I’ve been up for more than 36 hours.

I’m flying to Kuwait in 18 hours to surprise my wife. I hope she doesn’t read my blog.
We’ve been I’ve been fighting a lot with my wife because I’m finding it difficult to cope with the distance between us.
I told her I’d visit in 5 weeks. She has no clue I impulsively booked my ticket this morning.

And finally, I’ve sorted all my paperwork at school.
This should mean no more running around trying to register subjects or authenticating some paper.

Good night.


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  1. Hooray for your spontaneity! I hope you have a wonderful time with your wife. I am also glad to hear things are getting figured out at the school. Sit back and enjoy the scenery for a moment.

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