#00172: Post a Day – 13

I wrote this post because of the fucking “I will post a day” deal I promised myself.

It’s a 2 hours flight from Jordan to Kuwait.
I currently live in Irbid – Jordan, a city 1-hour-ish away from the capital Amman.
My wife currently lives in her hometown of Kuwait.

Based on the numbers above, it seems fairly easy to travel back and forth between the two countries.
But that’s the thing about numbers – they don’t carry any feelings.

The day I surprised my wife – just a couple of days ago – was one of the happiest days I experiences.
I didn’t mind skipping classes. I was very excited to go to the airport.
I didn’t mind the stupid drivers.
Nothing mattered that day but seeing my wife.

But it’s not the same when it comes to leaving her.

My flight leaves in 12 hours.


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