#00176: Post a Day – 17

There is no such a thing called “bad memory”.

Memories are neither bad nor good. They’re just a window; a preview of a movie you can either continue watching or swipe away. 

But I’m not here to talk about memories. It’s just that the songs I’ve been coming across all day are still having a very powerful nostalgic effect on me. 


Options and plans.

My plan was to do A, B & C. I also planned to avoid doing D, E, F & G.

While doing A, I was forced (yes, forced) to do D. 

So what do I do? 

I give up on B & C, and decide to fuck it and do E, F & G since it’s all fucked anyways.


A diplomat ought to know the meanings of “yes” and “no” – along with their different connotations – in the country he resides.

I’ve been living in countries where a polite “no” is just that – a polite declination. Now, I’m forced to adapt to cultures where both “polite” and “no” can’t be together – i.e. I can either be polite and accept or rude and decline. Not both. 

I can either be extremely rude, decline, and follow my plan. Or, I can be respectful, accept and fuck my entire plan. My choice. (Sure there’s a middle line blah blah, but, hey, it’s my story!)

So, fuck the plan. 


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