#00180: Mood

You just joined a gym. You threw out all your snacks.
Maybe you drew a timetable and a workout plan.
You will start tomorrow.
You’re feeling energetic.
You feel in control of your life.

Tomorrow is now. You woke up energetic ready to start the day.
You hit the gym. You follow the diet.
It’s all going well.
You do it the next day. And the day after that.

But then life pressures you.
Exams. Deadlines. Social obligations.
You must eat what they serve. You must break your routine.

And to be honest, you haven’t seen any significant changes.

Your thoughts take control over you.
You are now a prisoner of your own thoughts.
Fuck it. Mood wins.
Fuck the gym. Fuck the diet. It’s all worthless.
You’ll die anyways. If you grow older, you’ll get lung cancer because of all the shit you smoked in your life.

Mood is a collection of all the imaginary friends you had in your life.
They were your companions when you were alone, moving around from one house to another, one zip code to another, one country to another.
They were always there.

But then you guys grew older. You changed. All of you changed.
You are not friends anymore. You developed different interests and ideas.
But they were still there in your head.

It’s so simple yet so difficult. They are just voices in your head. They are not real.
Sure, they were there while you were growing up, but now you’ve changed.

Maybe it’s time you let go of some your imaginary friends.
You know what? perhaps it’s your turn to become their imaginary friend.
When they tell you to give up, listen to what they have to say. You’ll notice they’re scared.
Tell them it’s OK. Comfort them.
And then show them how it’s done.

Get ready for tomorrow, because you’re hitting the gym and you’re throwing away the snacks you bought when you were down. Take your imaginary friends with you ( some people call them Mood) and show them how strong you all are.


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  1. Yeah I can understand for it actually happened with me in the past so I landed in depression filled with guilt and regret.
    However now I am successfully out of it and I have learned to train my mind,so now I think the after effects vision flashes stops my mood to overrule my mind!

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