#00182: 30 days

Excuses drain energy. 

Saying “I will do/planning on doing/plan to do ..etc” isn’t suitable for me. 

This is my simple 30 days plan. It’s simply about one thing: hitting the gym/working out every single day for 30 days. 

The main daily goal is exhaustion. What I’m looking for in the gym is (good form, obviously) but also failure. The moment I my body starts telling me it’s in pain is the moment I know my mind is playing mind games with me. 

My mind is both my biggest enemy and my strongest ally. When it’s telling me that I don’t have time because I have an exam the next day (marked in yellow), it means that it’s trying to keep me lazy and fearful. 

When I was running on the treadmill yesterday and I began feeling those weird pains associated with running, I realized my mind was trying to make me quit and try another time. It was trying to postpone my attempt to regain my life back. So, I upped the resistance and kept running until I started coughing. 

The aim of this 30 days schedule isn’t weight loss or muscle gain. It’s not one of those SMART goals that I can quantify. 

This 30 days plan is about DOING. It’s about working out, everyday, no matter what pain I’m feeling or what the conventional advise of taking a break. 

This is my life. This is my journey. This is my plan. I don’t intend to quit. 


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