#00194: Anger

Have you ever felt angry? I suppose we all have felt angry at one point in our lives. 

Perhaps you were angry because your phone stopped working? Some shit at school? Your stupid boss at work? The fucking weather? 

And then, what did you do? Perhaps you broke your phone, or you might’ve yelled at someone – a loved one – and then you proceeded to kick some stranger’s ass?

I woke up scared and angry. Everyone around me is too stupid to understand, I thought. Understand what? Me.

I got in my car and started driving aimlessly. Where to, why, I had no clue. I just had to drive away … 

And then this guy pissed me off. Why? He flashed his lights at me. Simple. What did I do? At the red light, I parked in the middle of the road, got out of my car, and went over to that driver’s window.

Did I say anything? No. All I noticed was my left arm extended and my left hands squeezing his throat. My right hand was a rock solid fist that kept pounding this stranger’s face. It all happened fast and quietly. All I felt was that this driver is my enemy – he’s the reason why I woke up angry and scared – and my arms kept on moving. 

I woke up in the police station. Hands cuffed tightly along with my ankles. My right hand hurt but I didn’t know why. 

The driver spent a few hours in the ER (ICU) because someone broke something in his face. There were purple marks on his throat. Who’s the savage that did such a thing? 

I’m the savage. I’m the fucking monster who almost killed an absolute innocent stranger for no apparent reason other than flashing his car lights. 


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