#00199: Innocent Terrosit 

Pack your bags. Make sure there aren’t any dangerous metaerials inside. Remember: you look like a terroirst, so you will be treated like a terrosist. 

Make sure you’re an innocent terrorist.

Make sure you’re at the airport 2 hours before departure. Check in. No more luggage to carry, only a small hand bag.

The small hand bag has books you’ll never read, notebooks you’ll never use, a portable charger you forgot about, pens and stationary, and papers. A lot of papers.

Now it’s the security check before passport control. Remember: you look like a terroirst, hence you are a terroist infill proven innocent. You throw everything in the machine. Walk through the metal detector expecting to be frisked. Must walk through it again. Take your shoes off. The detector doesn’t beep, but you still need to be “randomally selected” for additional frisking. You’re clear. Pick up your shit quickl because you don’t want to be the one keeping the line behind you. I hate being that guy. 

Passport control. Remember: just because your face looks exactly like the photo in the passport, that doesn’t mean it’s you. You’re a terroist until proven innocent. 

Done with passport control. Now sit down and stare at the screen until you see “boarding”. Make your way to the gate. Another check. Now walk to the plane. Your seat is 26A. 

Remember: just because you have a boarding pass that says 26A, it doesn’t mean you’re not a terroist.

Sit your ass on your seat and just pray that the plane lands safely, otherwise it will be your photo on CNN with the label “this terrorist is not innocent”.

Wherever you are, you’ll always be the terrorist until proven innocent. 


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