#00221: June 20 2017 – 10/39

The only reason I’m unstoppable is because no one can stop me if I decide not to stop until I choose to stop at my selected stop.” – Latin proverb

Double digits. 10 days, folks. I’ve been gently forcing change in my life for 10 consecutive days. 

How does it feel? Like gently evacuating your bowels after years of constipation. Exactly the same.

1% better. That’s my goal. I push myself to prove to myself that I can improve – whether that meant doing an extra 100m in that rowing machine or an extra rep with the bench press. It doesn’t matter. 

And 10 days did show me the 1% improvement. Just a week ago, I hardly was able to do 5mins on the rowing machine. My belly was in the way of bending my knees, and for some reason my hamstrings burned. Today, I did 10mins. 

Did I mention that I’ve been laughing more in the past 10 days as well as eating better and gyming (the act of going to the gym)?


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