#00228: June 25 2017 – 15/39

“He who prefers gluttony over fornication is a rare gem, but it is even rarer for said gem to turn down food. If you find such human, then you have found the meaning of life.” Hungry philosopher-turned-alchemist

The usual: gym, no binge, more active, and a daily post. 

Now, let’s talk about the binge part: I almost slipped yesterday. Twice. 

I was offered cake, chocolate, and an opportunity to get take out. Then I was offered take out again. 

And it was fucking hard turning down all these offers, especially since salad isn’t, cannot and will never be as fulfilling as a pepperoni-and-chili pizza, fries on the side and chicken wings.

Excuse me while I wipe my drool off my keyboard. I digress.

So not only did I fall back to my old habits of sitting in my room and whining, but I actually resisted a very strong desire to binge. Let me put it into perspective: I prefer bingeing over sex. Yes, let that sink in while I swallow my saliva, 


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