#00232: July 2 2017 – 22/39

“The featured image is usually any random shit that I find in front of me when I think about my daily post.” First blogger (2873 B.C.)

My laptop still smells like vomit, which is probably because I couldn’t get all of it from under the keyboard. It’s sticky, smelly and I will never mention it again.


My Bullet Journal – July 2017

The picture above is of my July bullet journal cover. Now, if you don’t anything about the Bullet Journal, I suggest you click here or here.
I first learned about it almost two years ago. I liked the idea. I bought a couple of journals. I bough a few more journals. I ended up throwing them all out.

First of all, they weren’t as perfect as the incredible shit I see on Pinterest or YouTube. I watched all the videos on YouTube on Bullet Journaling. I couldn’t match up to those people, so I gave up.
Also, I wasn’t used to writing my “tasks” and “appointments” in a book. I never write shit down (unless it’s some sort of address and I’m standing in a long queue and people are waiting for me to get the fuck out of the way ..). I simply remember appointments and dates, and sometimes even phone numbers!
I never took down notes in college. I saw all the “studylicious” people with different colors and iPads and multiple notes all over the page. What the fuck are they writing?

But I still love the idea behind it. So I’ve been giving it another try since June 2017. Although it’s only a month, one can learn a lot.

That’s my update for the day. Unless you want to know about the gym and deadlifts and trying to get an Irish Visa so I can visit Ireland this month to celebrate my 28th birthday.

I want to go back to Ireland and apologize to all the streets I passed by without making the most of the moment.


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