#00233: July 3 2017 – 23/39

This post should’be been uploaded a few hours ago, but I was interrupted with a business meeting.

(Note: I used the iPhone to write this since my laptop smells like vomit.)

The picture below has nothing to do with the business meeting, but it just shows what real heat is like. In Fahrenheit, 50 Celsius is 122. According to the Weather channel, the hottest temperature recorded in the US was the south-weat, California to be specific. It was 134 (56.7 Celsius). 

Summer is only starting in Qatar.

The funny part about all this is that it is actually talked about on the news. Where I’m from, 134 is just another hot summer day. 

Back to the meeting.

I was writing this post in a cafe hoping to have it up before my meeting. I wanted to write about my sudden love of deadlifts and heavy lifting, and that I’ve submitted my passport to the Irish Embassy hoping to get a visa as soon as possible.

Then the meeting happened. 

I was discussing was Nas and Azi (named changes to protect identities) how one man – one fucking man – conned us all into believing different shit. Nas is the accountant who told me about the shit that was happening. Azi was the first guy to get fucked by (let’s call the fucker, umm, The Fucker). So, Azi was fucked by The Fucker in early September. I was in Jordan getting fucked by the ruthless animals I was trying to survive amongst, and my only contact about the business was The Fucker. 

Long story short, I was fucked the most by The Fucker as I lost all my savings and I’m now in debt for at least 10 years. That’s ten years of keeping a stable job and not fucking around with money. Both Azi and Nas were fucked as well, but in different ways. 

But now we have a twist and we are about to Mega Fuck The Fucker. 

If you want to know the full story, let me know and I’ll write it up. Whaddya think?


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  1. I’m only liking this to show support of your writing, not support of the topic. Life throws yet another curve ball.

    Sometimes I wonder if it’s human nature to take advantage of others, or if it’s a learned action. I’ve come to varying conclusions because of differing situations. In the end, I guess it doesn’t matter if it’s nature or learned. Either way, it’s horrible.

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    • Very well articulated, crazykatya. My own current beliefs are this: it’s nature to take advantage of others as some simply call it “survival”. It’s more difficult to step above what comes naturally without proper nurture.
      I once wrote to myself that Life = genetics*environment*values* X (I left an X for any missing component).
      So, as you mentioned, it’s basically Nature*Nurture*X.

      I also believe it is human nature to allow anger to take control when we feel threatened. (Anger is nothing but Fear pretending to be strong).

      What we decided to do is to take an aggressive legal action. I never wanted to do that because I worried about his young 5 children and their mother. But after I listened to the recordings they had on him, I got super angry. He was clearly admitting to using the money I invested on his personal vacations. In another recording, he was trying to frame me with our bank account manager as the guy who stole everything and is kicking his loyal, hard working partner out.

      To be honest I wanted to physically harm him. But I then accepted to take the legal route. As for his children, I do feel sorry for them, but if I didn’t do anything about it, he will just continue his hustle and fraud.

      Sorry about the long reply.

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      • Hey, no apology needed. I like it when we can get in some dialogue.

        It is too bad that he chose to do the things he did. It is also quite sad that he gambled his children and wife’s wellbeing while taking advantage of you and others. I believe karma always catches up, though.

        I am glad you’ve chosen a legal route of pursuing a conclusion – you yourself have a family to consider with your decisions. That realization alone can feel like a crushing weight, and cause one to react instead of choosing to act. You have chosen to act. And you are being responsible about it. It shows that you have empathy since you worry for the mans family, but in the end you must do what is best for yours.

        I really hope you can make progress and get things sorted out. I am rooting for you, as always.

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      • Haha, a messaging app would be such a time suck! I never stop talking, lol. I am glad you’re going to keep us posted.

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