#00236: July 6 2017 – 26/39

I used to wonder how could someone get addicted to pain medications? I mean, if there wasn’t any pain in the first place, what effect should they have?
That question took me to beyond what I was taught in Med school. They will throw all the physiological and biochemical mechanisms of how it work, but they never answered how it feels to take these pills.

It feels amazing. The bliss of the world. Euphoria
A pill that kills physical pain can also numb any other form of pain. And there’s nothing more painful than life.

But becoming addicted to drugs is like signing a contract with the devil – or agreeing to the Terms and Conditions; you just sign without reading the fine prints of the finely printed contract. Why? Because desire requires no energy, no resistance, no discipline, no struggle. 


I did a gym-related mistake today; I stepped on the scale. In doing so, I saw that I haven’t lost anything.
Which is exactly why it’s a mistake.

When I first got my ass back to the gym more than 3 weeks ago, I did not do it for the numbers. I did not do it for some sort of transformation challenge.
I simply did it to get off my ass and go to the gym.
I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t have felt great if I saw a drop in the weight.
I also would be lying if I said I continued my workout when I saw that. I got on the treadmill, dragged my feet for less than ten minutes and then just left.


I’m craving a pizza binge. Pepperoni anyone? 


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      • I read an article about the late artist, Prince, some time ago. When asked how he managed to stay seemingly ageless, his reply was that he didn’t believe in the construct of time (or something along those lines), and since he didn’t believe time existed as others do, and didn’t celebrate any birthdays, his body stopped aging. His response pretty much claimed that because his brain didn’t believe it, his body didn’t either.

        This made me think about your numbers. Maybe it’s possible to believe they are something else, and your body will comply. The power of the mind is a mysterious thing. Just a fun concept to consider 😉

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      • “Since it doesn’t exist, your mind won’t resist” is what I came up with as I was reading your comment.
        As for the numbers, specifically in a fitness sense, they are indeed overinflated.
        I’m just happy with the freedom to enjoy the process of going to the gym. Wait, does that make sense?

        True, the mind will always remain that beautifully mysterious bastard! 🙂

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      • It makes sense. You have managed to overcome one of the most difficult hurdles of the gym for some: the numbers. By focusing on your routine and tasks and keeping the results secondary, you’ve allowed yourself to enjoy it. Wonderfully inspirational!

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  1. You’ve got to do everything you do for you, just because you enjoy the process. It’s not about numbers, certain goals or outcomes… it’s about having the fortitude to free yourself from expectations. Appreciate being able to workout, instead of focusing on the results you expect.

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