#00238: July 8 2017 – 28/39

Motivation is the energy that drives a human to do things.
It is the difference between waking up in the early morning for a run or staying in bed because everything is worthless.
It is the energy that pushes someone to hit the gym everyday regardless of the number on the scale.

Motivation is a feeling. A strong feeling; one is blinded to the negative and can only feel the positive.

But just like anything in life, motivation is scarce. It is a finite source that can fade away as fast as it arises.

What motivates you? Does it always work?

Music can be uplifting. A YouTube video – you know the one’s with the heroic background music and beautifully montaged speeches? – can also be powerful.

But how long does it stay?

Motivation, just like drugs, is an illusion. The first time you watch a motivational video, it can lift you beyond the limits of limits. It hits you hard and pushes you to levels you never thought you could reach.
Then you play the same video again, but its effect isn’t as powerful as the first time.
So you watch another. And then another.
You eventually end up with a playlist of music and videos that work for you.
After a while, they stop working. The effects they had fades away. Fuck your positivity, you might think.

You see, the people in those videos with the nice words and powerful music, they are talking about their experiences. Their feelings. Their motivation.

What works for them might not always work for you, and that’s exactly the point.

You’re meant to find your own concoction of feelings, desires, dreams and goals that can stir up the energy to do something.  
It will not always work.
It might never work. So find something else.

I don’t listen to music when I work out. Not always, anyways.
Sometimes the same motivational speech that got me off my ass is so stupid and dull that it causes a reverse reaction; instead of motivation, I become unmotivated.

Long story short? Find your own motivation, and when it stops working, find something else.


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