#00240: July 10 2017 – 30/39

Tough decisions are called tough for a reason. They’re not easy to make. The ethical variables are vague and it is impossible to know if they’re the right move to make or not – perhaps even debateable for eternity.

But perhaps they’re essential. Vital. A must-be-done.

I went to the lawers office today to discuss my busines situation. After an hour, we already established a plan.
I then proceeded to contact my ex-bsuiness partner. His phone was disconnected. I left him a WhatsApp message.

A few minutes ago, I got a reply.
I asked him if we could meet to settle everything and move on.
He told me his phone is disconnected because he can’t afford to pay for it.
He also informed me that he separated from his wife. His family situation is affecting him and he needs someone to vent to.
I tried to be as diplomatic as possible with my answers, and we agreed to meet tomorrow.

And that’s when I almost dropped my decision to press charges. My emotions and feelings took over me for a few seconds. I even told my mom that it now seems “wrong” to go through with litigation.

And that’s why I’m finding it hard to make the tough decision: I must go through with the plan.
Not a single emotional cell in my body agrees with the decision, and that’s why I know I must do it.

It’s not personal. I’m not spiteful.
This is not revenge anymore.
This is pure business.

What am I expecting out of this?, my emotional side is asking. Why cause this man more pain when the money is now gone and it would only put more strain and pressure on that man’s life?
I’m expecting a mature, legal form of closure.
I don’t want to carry a grudge for the rest of my life.
I don’t want the regrets of not doing something about it when I had the opportunity.
I’m only asking for what’s mine.

Dear future me,
what are your current thoughts when you look back at this day; this moment that you’ve decided to make a tough decision?
Do you still consider it tough? Was it harsh but necessary? Or was it also an emotional decision wrapped in so-called “seeking justice”?

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  1. I think morality is mostly a sel-serving bias. The weak use it as a crutch to never have to compete for the same resources with those who are stronger.

    But the truth is that the only moral thing is to be able to do harm and choose not to. To be able to be bad, and decide to be good. That is virtue. The same way one can only be brave if one is afraid.

    That being said, maybe you should rephrase what you consider revenge as justice. Is this justice? Does he have to suffer the consequences of his actions? Would a court of law even care he can’t pay his phone bill? This should offer a different perspective, my friend.

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    • I firmly believe taking the legal action is beneficial for both of us. It’s not harm for harm’s sake. We were business partners. I did my part. He messed up his. He is unable to provide proof or papers, so instead of yelling my ass out and resisting the urge to feel my my fist on his face, I’d rather resort to the legal system.
      I’m not expecting anything out of the ordeal. In fact, I believe I’m providing my country with a service; I’m helping weed out the bad plants, one apple at a time.

      Does he have to suffer? Well, putting myself in his shoes, I might be shocked to realize that this naive person was able to conjure such a plan to sue me. However, I did indeed fail to provide him with official documents on where the money went, and he probably noticed that I changed my answers multiple times. I do not know that he has recording of me conspiring behind his back, but when I’m in jail I’d have to contemplate. Or not.

      Either way, I’m making the relight decision.

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