#00241: July 11 2017 – 31/39

I won’t talk about the details of my meeting with the ex-partner because they’re irrelavent to what I want to write.
The important thing is that it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.
I managed to remain calm and confident without a lot of effort.
I had an agenda set for the meeting.
I went through my agenda with minimal interruptions.
And by the end of the meeting, I knew my decision to follow the legal route was the correct one.

You see, I need to get that phase behind my back and focus on the future. I can’t do that when I’m too busy wondering what happened.
So, I’ll be submitting my papers to the lawers, who in turn will take over worrying about what happened and obtaining proof and evidence.

I want to flip a new page in my business book and start again sometime soon.
And I’m hoping to do so with family.
I’ve been discussing the idea of starting some family-based company or group or whatever with some of my family members.
I’ve texted a few cousins, set-up a meeting with aunts and others, consulted my brother, and so on.
It might happen. Or not. It doesn’t matter. I’ve been having fun doing it.
I don’t have money to start anything, neither does my brother or cousin.
But pooling our resources together, who knows?

The family-owned business idea surfaced when neighboring countries cut ties with my country more than a month ago.
More than 80% of our basic consumables are imported from said countries.
And the economic blockade, I hope, is the best wake up call to the citizins of the country with the with highest GDP per capita.

Look at me going taking on initiatves and liaising with family members, being all economical and political about life, having an opinion and making decisions.


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