#00242: July 12 2017 – 32/39

“Be thankful for what you have and stop giving too many flying fucks about what you don’t have. Patience, my child. Patience.” – Socratoid.

Blessing of the day: security and safety.

Dr. F is from Syria. She’s a Forensic Pathologist. After years of civil war and unrest, she made the hard decision to leave her home.
She left out of fear for the safety of her 5-year old girl.
“It’s not the bombs or the death scenes that’re scary about war” she told me. “What’s frightening is not knowing whether you’ll see your family again or not.”
Her aunt and cousins were kidnapped/went missing last year. She hasn’t heard anything from them since.

Security gives a false-positive sense of certainty. It can only be appreciated when it’s forcibly been extracted from your life. You get out of bed and your only fear is being late for work or finding a job. You’re not worried about being kidnapped or killed or starved to death.


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