#00248: July 18 2017 – 38/39

Can you miss your flight twice in a row? 

You get to the airport late because it’s not like you knew you had a flight days before, right? You just woke up and were told that you have a flight to catch in an hour.

So now you’re late and they won’t let you in. Who do you blame? Traffic, of course. Who else is the cause of our mistakes other than traffic!

It’s OK. We fix it and book the next flight. It’s only a 2 hours wait at the airport. There is no traffic inside the airport, right? 

But guess what? You fucking missed the second flight. How? It’s the airlines fault for not allowing you to board after it’s too late. Oh you were changing the baby’s diaper? That’s the second leading cause in missing flights.

So now go fuck yourself because, guess what? You’ve been the constant variable in fucking up my life since the day I made the biggest mistake in my life by stupidly and naively believing in the bullshit called “love”.  
I’m turning 28 tomorrow and I don’t mind starting that fresh page with the label “divorced”.

I ran out of drugs and I’m turning 28 tomorrow.


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