#00251: So, 39 days?

“Why do I try to come up with the title before even writing the post? I don’t know.” Blogger

Hello there good people of this WordPressphere.
I haven’t posted anything in a while. I know I’ve been missed by the million fans I have, but I hope my nonexistent Instagram posts kept you updated about my daily poop habit and delicious meals I only never eat but simply take photo of just because I’m famous.

  • This post will follow a bullet point format because that’s how I’m currently thinking.
  • Since my last post (click here to read. If you don’t, you’ll die in 7 days.) was simply a summary of my second year on WordPress, I thought my original followers have the right to understand what my “39” days about. (You know, the titles with 15/39, 28/39 .. etc that were climaxing towards something that never happened because there was no specific goal to reach or anything? That’s what I mean)
  • Anyways, those 39 days were the number of days until my 28th birthday from a specific date (I can’t remember which and I’m too lazy to look it up) in which I have decided to simply get off my ass and go the gym without a goal, drink more water without a specific goal, eat healthier without trying. Is this making sense?
  • Basically, since I failed every fucking project/plan/goal I set since I started this blog, I wanted to do something before my 28th birthday as some sort of trophy I gift to myself.
  • So, the 39 days were an attempt to change. Move from to B. (See how I put that in bold?)
  • Nothing changed. I did indeed hit the gym on most of the days. I had mini-binges instead of huge ones. I attempted to smile more, but sometimes my mood got in the way. I did finish a book or two. But guess what? I avoided two important things:
    • A. I didn’t specify a goal. That’s stupid. #39daysofproof Not specifying a goal means I didn’t really have anything to look forward to, or aim towards, zoom-in on, focus on getting, achieving, and all that good shit. I just wanted something to happen if I followed the simple rule of avoiding rules and specifics.
      • Maybe I need more than 39 days to make it work? Just wondering.
    • B. And this is it: Drugs. Yes, drugs. I’m an addict. I. Am. An. Addict.
      Addiction is a word to describe how strongly someone is attached to something, how powerful something is over someone, how this someone will go to great limits to satisfy their addiction, and eventually how this addiction becomes the bubble that wraps all the other bubbles that are surrounding this someone.

      • I actually like what I wrote about addiction. Nice. It means to pop the addiction bubble, one must pop all the other bubbles surrounding his life before reaching the final demon.

There you have it, folks, as promised. The 39 days explained. Did I miss anything?


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