#00252: So, 39 days? – part 2

I found this on my phone while I was going through my notes. It’s similar to the first part (click here to read the first part). 

What the hell were those 39 days about? Nothing.
To be more specific: Nothing specific.
A countdown from one point of time to my birthday.

But why? Applying change to obtain change.
It’s about false hopes and fake dreams.

I want to do this, I will do that, I will start this, I’m thinking about doing that.
It’s about removing labels which the small bubble I call life has taught me to grab onto.

Graduate. Employed. Famous. Doctor. Appreciated. Accepted. Good boy. Nice guy. Funny. Cool.
It’s an attempt to change the life I think I’m supposed to be living.
It’s about carving a new path out of the hole I dug myself into.
I’m not digging a hole on some beach; I’m carving metal with my fingers, one broken finger after another.

Change is constant.
Sure, that’s a beautiful cliche and a beautiful line to use.

And it’s a cliche for a simple reason: it’s true.
Change is either permanent or temporary.

But change occurs over what we label as time.
A split-second decision can either kill a driver or save a family.
A few minutes are the deciding factor between experiencing trauma or falling in love. Hours, days and years mold us, shape us, they dictate what we are now and they will decide what we become next.

Time is change’s only true friend, which is why it’s also its worst enemy.


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