#00257: Nick Yarris

I first heard the story on Joe Rogan’s Podcast. (http://podcasts.joerogan.net/)
A friend recommended this specific episode of the show because he wanted to understand the forensic science behind it.

So I listened to the story.

Nick Yarris. (https://nickyarris.org/)
I won’t do his story any justice if I tried to summarize it.

Let’s assume the internet is a happy place where we’re all friends and get along like a big, mixed-race family.
Let’s assume your doubts and pseudo-sherlock holmes intuitions are irrelevant to the core of the story.
Let’s just assume this man, Nick Yarris, is not lying about his pain.
Let’s assume he’s real – his story is as real as your own life story.
How on Earth would you have reacted to it if it were your story?
Where on Earth can you turn a personal tragedy into a lesson for all mankind?

Look, I don’t fucking know what to say.

I’m not interested in sharing the forensic science behind his case because it’s irrelevant to the bigger picture that is his life.

You know what? Let’s agree that this story (fictional or not) is indescribable. A man goes through all that and still wants to make people happy?
(Again: doesn’t matter if the glass is half-full or half-empty. We can agree this glass has something inside.)
And this something is Nick Yarris’s story.

How the fuck do you go through all that pain and still care about helping people?

I don’t know what to say to a person who has gone through shit and came out with so much love?
Perhaps that’s why. He didn’t avenge his lost youth nor did he seek revenge.

You know what? Please visit Nick Yarris’s website (https://nickyarris.org/) and listen to the interview on Joe Rogan Experience podcast (http://podcasts.joerogan.net/). 

I’ll end the post on this note: This man just made it much harder for assholes like me to complain about weight gain or failed exams or debts or feeling like shit or not wanting to talk to anyone.
Then again, as Plato said “assholes like you give assholes a much worst reputation than what’s already there. Now we know why Mr. Anus changed his name.”

Good night.


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  1. I once heard this story about a father who was kind of abussive to his family. His wife and two sons. One of them became like his father, and he’d always say that it was BECAUSE of his father that he was like that.

    The other son? He became the exact opposite. Why? He’d always say that it was BECAUSE of his father.

    Two people, same event, entirely opposite outcomes. It’s life.

    Besides, one man’s ceiling is another man’s floor, and it never works out pretty well when we try to put a price on pain or suffering or trauma. There is no rule of exchange here. We know we suffer, and we’d do anything to get rid of it. Like an animal trapped in a trap.

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  2. Oh, and another thing: every single time we suffer, we do so because we are thinking about ourselves. Pain is selfish like that. It’s something we lost, something we wish we had, stuff like that.

    But happiness is almost always about others and how we make them feel. About our contribution to the world, about growing outside our own inner worlds.

    I’d argue that if you suffer long enough (and in terrible, terrible ways) you figure this out, and the only way to escape it is to focus on making other people happy.

    That’s how I became a writer, after all…

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