#00263: Here’s what my wife thinks

    • I texted my wife asking her to answer 3 questions:
      1. My strengths
      2. My weaknesses
      3. What makes me unique

      I asked these questions because it seems to me people have a tendency to label me according to their interpretations of what they believe they see. Philosophy and bullshit aside, this was her response verbatim.

      1. Strengths
        • was responsible
        • caring
        • neat
        • very good listener
        • very good speaker
        • Confident (Usually)
        • Sharp
        • Loyal
        • Good-looking (this made me laugh because it’s just so wrong yet sweet)
        • Punctual
        • You support me and our daughter financially no matter what situation you’re in
        • Thoughtful
      2. Weaknesses
        • Impatient
        • Tend to live in my own head
        • Very shit with money/ Overspend
        • Impulsive
        • I tend to overdo everything sometimes (money, food, ..etc)/ no boundaries
        • Put others’ needs ahead of mine
        • Difficult to approach (u seem open to people who don’t know you but because I know you very well I feel that way, I know that the face you put on is just a load of shit)
        • Not close with my family (i.e. wife’s family)
        • Indecisive
        • Moody
      3. What makes me unique?
        • Your diaries



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